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      Through the educational project "EU-HOU" students can take pictures via the internet from a remote-controlled telescope, Ironwood North Queens Creek Observatory (INO). This telescope is in Arizona and will actually turn toward the section of the sky selected by the student operator. The operator must select the exposure time, which indicates the time a button is pressed in order to take the photograph. This means the student may take the photograph from their school several thousand kilometers from the telescope!

      10/06/2012. Pictures below are from the first observation telescope through INO in Jalal-Abad, Kyrgyzstan, as well as, a picture of the Aigul with her two children, Fatima and Abdullah and their home where the telescope is operated. Aigul is a teacher who works in a school in the estate Babkin.  



Photos from the observation telescope through INO, 6.10.2012







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